What's a good bacon based dinner - that isn't a version of "breakfast for dinner"?

Abby Krueger


Imogen May 17, 2016
Pasta with bacon rosé sauce with white wine and scallions.
Bacon and egg tacos with mango salsa and diced avocado - and lots of fresh cilantro.
PHIL May 17, 2016
What did you decide to make Abby?
BerryBaby May 14, 2016
We just had this last night, a wedge salad with fresh, crumbled bacon, diced tomatoes, croutons and Green Goddess dressing.
amysarah May 14, 2016
Lightly salt and pepper bluefish fillets and cover (or wrap) with strips of bacon. Roast at about 400-425 until the fish is cooked thru and bacon crisps, maybe 10-15 minutes. Make a sauce to serve on the side: sour cream (or Greek yogurt,) mixed with chopped fresh dill & chives, a little prepared horseradish, s & p. And of course, serve lemon wedges. Delicious.

I grew up fishing for blues and love it, but some people find it too fishy. If so, you can sub, e.g., striped bass filet, or even salmon filet.
Maedl May 14, 2016
It isn't elegant, but it was a favorite when I was a kid and I still crave it: baked beans (not from a can, but slow-cooked with tomatoes, molasses, and maybe a little bourbon--the church ladies will never know) with a very liberal amount of bacon laid over the top of the beans and allowed to bake until crisp. Serve that with Boston brown bread and it's divine.

My mother also used to make a bacon sandwich for my lunch--spread pear jam on a slice of hearty white bread, load with bacon, top with another slice of bread, and let sit until the jam permeates the bread. This is still one of my favorites.
Rachel May 14, 2016
I was just about to come down here and say exactly that!
Donna May 13, 2016
Judy Rodger's fabulous book "The Zuni Cafe" has a recipe for braised slab bacon that is then made into a pasta sauce. It is sublime!
Annie S. May 13, 2016
Oops! *plums* :)
Annie S. May 13, 2016
A favorite childhood summer dinner was good bacon served with corn fritters and maple syrup. We had a lettuce and sliced tomato salad on the side. The fritters were not deep fried but cooked in a cast iron skillet with bacon grease mixed with the oil. This was a Jersey Shore supper and was great after a day in the waves. Watermelon or plumes were the dessert of choice and and everything came from the farm stand we passed on the way to our ( rented) bungalow.
pierino May 13, 2016
Grilled radicchio wrapped in bacon. Halve or quarter the radicchio based on size. Wrap one slice of wood smoked bacon around each and fix in place with skewers. Grill outdoors or indoors if you have a grill pan. Make sure to keep turning it a few times while it cooks.
Nan May 13, 2016
Braised collards with bacon (and onions, carrots, what you like).
AntoniaJames May 13, 2016
A savory tart with caramelized onion (cook them down at the end with dry white wine to cut the sweetness, or a few splashes of good vinegar), lots of bacon, and one egg + one yolk + a pinch of nutmeg + a pinch of thyme + a splash of cream + a handful of grated gruyere or asiago. Blind bake the crust; the tart should take about 35 - 40 minutes in a 375 degree oven. (It's what was for dinner here on Sunday!) ;o)
PHIL May 13, 2016
bacon wrapped scallops over some greens , or spaghetti carbonara, just use bacon instead of pacetta.
Lainie May 13, 2016
I think quiche is great for a light dinner or liver with bacon and mashed potatoes.
Windischgirl May 13, 2016
Our summer staple is a BALT--bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato on homemade sourdough.
I also enjoy carbonara, and although bacon is not authentic, it sure is tasty, and I'm not tellin Nonna...
HalfPint May 13, 2016
In my opinion, a bacon sandwich (just bacon in between 2 slices of white bread) or bacon over rice (optional: a small dollop of gochujang or sriracha).
caninechef May 13, 2016
Some version of pasta and bacon! I love pasta with peas, caramelized shallots and some version of Ham, bacon or their Italian cousins. Can either be in a creamy sauce or oil/butter based. Had this last night with roasted broccoli.
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