Any substitute for the bourban, in bourban chicken?

Plan to prepare this for dinner tonight!!!



dymnyno November 1, 2013
I throw rum in a lot of recipes (when I can).

ChefJune November 1, 2013
The dish I know as "Bourbon Chicken" actually has no bourbon (whiskey) in it at all. It has something to do with the name of the sauce. It's an Asian recipe. If you post your recipe, we can see what it looks like, and perhaps offer more constructive advice.
PazzoNico November 1, 2013
...One scotch, and one beer.
Monita November 1, 2013
Halfpint raises a good question. Additionally, how much is there in your recipe and how is it used?
HalfPint November 1, 2013
Are you out of bourbon? Or do you need a non-alcoholic substitution?
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