I found samphire in the store today and will try making it for dinner tonight, along with a piece of salmon. I’ll probably make it simply--boil or steam and then serve with melted butter. Anyone have any better ideas?

  • Posted by: Maedl
  • November 4, 2013


Maedl November 5, 2013
Thanks for the link--that is a good resource. I ended up steaming the samphire and adding butter. It was OK--made a colorful contrast to the salmon. Tastewise, I wasn't bowled over, but it had a pleasant crunch and I'm sure it was good for me.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 4, 2013
Great suggestion about the blog from Chris. The salmon suggestion seems like it would be delicious!
Greenstuff November 4, 2013
That article will help you.
Greenstuff November 4, 2013
Raw as a garnish or in a salad. I've never cooked it but would suggest you only cook it slightly to keep its crunch.
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