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Looking for help with dinner tonight. I have about a 3/4 pound of leftover grilled salmon filet and just can't figure out what to do with it tonight. Preferably not salmon cakes. I'm not opposed to salmon cakes, just not feeling it tonight. Things I've got to work with: sweet potatoes, Vidalia onions, cherry tomatoes, bacon, frozen veggies of various kids, canned beans, pasta, rice and every single dried herb or spice known to mankind (I have a problem). Don't need to include any or all of these things, just thought it might help to know what's laying around. Normally I'm the queen of leftover dinners, but it's the end of soccer season and my brain is fried. Oh, and I've got to make it after work, so lets say no more than one hour of cooking/prep time. Thanks for the help!

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • May 11, 2017


Niknud May 12, 2017
Update: dinner was awesome. I sautéed some bacon, removed to plate. Poured off a bit of the bacon grease and mixed with panko. Sautéed minced onion, garlic and thyme in the remaining bacon goo, added a bag of frozen peas, flaked salmon, crumbled bacon, 1 lb cooked spaghetti and stirred with ~1 cup of the reserved pasta water. Lots of cracked black pepper. Put in a giant pasta bowl and added a healthy amount of grated parm, the bacon panko flakes and a shower of fresh chives and flat leaf parsley (the herbs self seeded in the herb bed from last year and the baby plants are tender and delicious). Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Ali, I'm putting the salad suggestions in my back pocket for next time!
Uncle J. May 11, 2017
I do a riff on an Ellie Krieger recipe for chickpea ragu. Crisp up a little pancetta, add some oil or butter then saute some onion, zuke, and carrot. Season with s&p plus a little aleppo pepper. Add a can of chickpeans, some chicken stock and a dab of tomato paste. Warm, cover with reheated salmon and some julienned basil. Simple and delicious.
Niknud May 11, 2017
You guys are awesome! These are all such good ideas - my mushy brain thanks you!
Matilda L. May 11, 2017
Improvised salmon chowder with the onions, sweet potatoes, and bacon? Maybe with a little milk or cream? Maybe with some frozen spinach and/or peppers?
HalfPint May 11, 2017
How salmon hash with the sweet potatoes?
ChefJune May 11, 2017
I often team leftover cooked salmon up with pasta and some kind of greens - spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli (or rabe). Right now you might choose ramps. Scallions are a nice addition... I make a "sauce" with some sort of allium and the vegetable of choice, a bit of white wine or dry vermouth, and then cut the salmon into small chunks and add it in just before the drained, hot pasta. Save some of the cooking water to help meld the whole dish together. Instead of grated cheese, I serve a bowl of toasted, herbed breadcrumbs.
My F. May 11, 2017
I love spicy + salmon, especially when it's been grilled. The easiest pasta dish would be arrabbiata if you have enough cherry toms to balance out a couple pieces of bacon and a bunch of chili flakes (usually there'd be some almost burnt garlic in there as well but im sure charring a bit of the onion could add that bittersweet note).

I'm also thinking that if dried chilies are included in your spice collection something similar to a harissa paste would be great with the salmon and mashed/roasted sweet potatoes. I've made a bunch of chili paste variations using this Saveur recipe ( as a guide and swapping the peppers and spices involved. If your family isn't big on spicy you can always mellow the paste with some of the beans mashed up and/or caramelized onions.
ktr May 11, 2017
It's not very exciting, but I'd just cook the sweet potatoes, heat up the frozen veggies, reheat the salmon and call it a night. If I was feeling ambitious, I'd cook up the bacon, chop it up and sprinkle it over the sweet potatoes.
Nancy May 11, 2017
Go with either pasta or risotto, depending on which your family is currently in love with.
If pasta, make a sauce with the onion, tomato, some of the frozen veg, herbs, and then use the cooked salmon and/or bacon as a garnish.
If risotto, emphasize one or two veg and, again, finish with cooked, crumbled salmon and bacon as garnish.
If you've got lots of people and not so much salmon/bacon, boost the protein content with beans or (if you have them) eggs.
Serve the sweet potatoes as a side or as a dessert (poached, chilled, with chocolate sauce),
Ali S. May 11, 2017
You've got the makings of some mighty salads there! Could do a riff on this salad but with salmon instead of shrimp and beans instead of radicchio:

Or a riff on a nicoise:
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