We're hosting a dinner for 10..thinking of beef tenderloin, steamed salmon both room temp.. Want a chicken something and sides... Preferably

Molly Fuller


Nancy September 23, 2015
I think this plan (one omnivore dish, one vegetarian, with various antipssti and sides) is a good one. But if you know you dont have vegetarian guests, make omnivore mains. Two sound like enough, unless you want A) a buffet effect B) lots of leftovers to use for the family C) both. Then go with the cspon or other simple roasted chicken.
Nancy September 24, 2015
Forgot to suggest some sides. Roasted squash or sweet potato chunks (for orange color and nutritional values). Broccoli rave with garlic or mixed dark greens with pomegranate seeda (already suggested) or stone fruit garnish. Roasted leeks or mixed onions or cabbage and mushrooms, for white vegetable and a different flavor profile.
pierino September 23, 2015
A "chicken something" might be roasted capon---a neutered rooster. Bigger than a chicken, smaller than a turkey. Tastes great.
Maedl September 23, 2015
Why not make it easy on yourself and have fewer main course choices? After all, you are having a dinner party for 10, not running a restaurant. I would have either the beef OR the salmon and a vegetarian option, perhaps a lasagne or some other substantial dish. Deborah Madison has a butternut squash-kale lasagna that is excellent. Potatoes au gratin, green rice (http://www.food.com/recipe/just-like-stephensons-green-rice-324995), or a hominy grits cassarole, and creamed spinach would round out the beef. You could serve an array of antipasti to precede the lasagne and make a salad as a side--perhaps an arugula salad with pomegranate and walnuts.
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