Can Whole Foods light corn syrup be substituted one to one for Karo corn syrup? Thank you, everyone ;o)



hardlikearmour November 4, 2013
Karo light syrup has 120 cals & 30 grams carbs (10 g sugar) per 2 T serving. It contains light corn syrup, salt, and vanilla. If the WF brand has similar nutritional content it should work as a substitute.
Winifred R. November 4, 2013
I haven't used Whole Food's product, but Karo is just the typical nationally available brand. As long as the recipe calls for light corn syrup, I'd say yes. (I wouldn't be surprised to find they actually come from the same pot originally . . . just have different labels and bottles. Now someone will yell and tell us how Whole Foods produces their products separate from everything else in the world. Since there's not one near where I live and I've never shopped there I use local molasses and Karo and whatever. It's weird when you live in the sticks ;-).
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