@food52Hotline What are some good uses for White Lily Flour, other than the obvious - biscuits. Thanks! ;o) http://t.co/BfN0nIqMmd



ChefJune November 7, 2013
Be sure to check the gluten content. I find most King Arthur flour is quite high. You won't get as tender biscuits without soft flour.
sfmiller November 7, 2013
For those who can't get White Lily, King Arthur has recently come out with a self-rising flour. I tried a bag and thought it performed well, and it gets mostly rave reviews on the KA website. Not sure how widely distributed it is yet, though; White Lily still seems easier to come by around Washington DC, where I live.
Noah T. November 6, 2013
Steamed buns!!
creamtea November 6, 2013
One store here used to stock it, but they changed ownership. Wish I could get it.
sfmiller November 6, 2013
I keep a bag of WL self-rising flour on hand, mostly for biscuits and biscuit-like stuff such as shortcake and cobbler toppings, but it makes very tender pancakes, muffins, quick breads, fritters, and fry breads, too. Also makes a good batter for fried fish or vegetables, mixed with soda water or beer to the desired consistency.

I had never used it before my wife bought a bag by mistake when were on vacation in North Carolina. Since then I've found you can make a lot more than just biscuits with it.
AntoniaJames November 6, 2013
Great ideas, sfmiller. I'm now trying to figure out whether it can be purchased in various places in Virginia where other relatives (who I would, of course, beg to supply me via Priority Mail on occasion) live. ;o)
Shuna L. November 6, 2013
I'll just add to June's answer that I often use it as a replacement for cake flour. White Lily is a soft, low gluten, and finely ground flour so sometimes if I want a scone or a loaf bread to not be so hard/chewy, I might substitute 25% White Lily for some of the AP.
AntoniaJames November 6, 2013
Thanks so much, Shuna! ;o)
ChefJune November 6, 2013
Depends whether it is self-rising flour or "regular" flour. I stock the regular flour, and use it for biscuits (of course!) pie crusts, cakes rugulach, all that sort of cookie with a pastry base. It makes ethereal cakes.
AntoniaJames November 6, 2013
Thanks, June! My sister-in-law bought the self-rising. (I just asked her to pick me up a bag of the stuff when she was out shopping and it didn't occur to me to specify the type!) I've heard so much about it, I'm really looking forward to using it. ;o)
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