pasta tubes

I bought some pasta tubes (about an inch in diameter) for stuffing with stuff. Any recipe ideas (or at least the proper search terms that I can use to find recipes - I seem to remember this starts with a C, but I'm having a total brain fart as to what this is called)? The package isn't in English.

I would love to make something that I can use chard in, and cheese, pasta needs cheese. I also have some lamb that needs using up and a meat grinder...and loads of lovely bacon. What shall I make?



trampledbygeese November 6, 2013
mmm... Ricotta filling, sounds delicious. But sadly I'm not going to the store today, so I'll save that idea for later...although, I could make some as I have cereal cream and vinegar in the house. Hard to decide if I want to go to that much effort for dinner tonight or just wait till I can get to the shop.

Any other ideas for stuffing that come to mind?
cheeseguy November 6, 2013
If your in the California area, try Sierra Cheese Ricotta...its extremely creamy and smooth, not gritty like most Ricotta. Good Luck!
ChefJune November 6, 2013
Are you talking about Cannelloni? You could make a spinach and ricotta filling for the tubes. You could also make a mixture of lamb, sauteed onions and ricotta. I don't think I'd use bacon in the fillings. Save that for another day. You could sauce them either with a light tomato sauce, or a light cream sauce.
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