Where did I find this chickpea pasta recipe?

I'm trying to cite for someone where I found my recipe inspiration, but I can't figure out where I got the recipe from. I thought it was this site, but there is nothing exactly like it when I search. Anyone know this recipe?

dry chickpeas
cooked with garlic, lots of garlic until done

mash half the chickpea garlic in a blitzer or with a potato masher, or whatever. Return mashed stuff to pot.

Fry some bacon lardons, add it to the chickpea pot with it's grease, salt, pepper, and pasta.

Cook until pasta done.

Eat as soup.

This is the closest I can find: https://food52.com/recipes...

But I'm sure the one I was working from didn't have all those extra veg.

The recipe was cooked stovetop, but I converted it to pressure cooker. It's really yummy.

Anyone know this recipe?



trampledbygeese June 6, 2015
Thanks guys. Great recipe links.

I finally found my original inspiration recipe in The Italian Cooking Encyclopedia by Capalbo, Whiteman, Wright and Boggiano. I should have known as it's my favourite cookbook, but I didn't remember until I read what you wrote about it being a Roman dish.

The original recipe calls for salt pork or pancetta, but bacon is what I had, so bacon is what I used. Also, adding some anchovy paste to the bacon once it's finished frying really makes the dish pop.

Thanks again
Susan W. June 6, 2015
Jamie Oliver has done a few variations of this classic. He doesn't use many vegetables, but lots of garlic and herbs. I don't think I've seen him add lardons, but I'm always adding pancetta etc. to vegetarian type soups. Maybe you added those on your own. Check his out and see if it looks familiar. Here's one that originated as Jamie's.
Nancy June 6, 2015
Trampled - not sure, but your recipe sounds like a classic Roman dish, with - as usual - many variations. So if your version is good tasting, no need to search. still curious? Here's one that's simple and a Google collection of more:
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