Making fresh ravioli with meat. Do I need to cook the meat mixture before? I'd like to put some cheese in there too. Should I add egg and bre

Wondering how long it takes to cook the fresh pasta with meat. Treat it like normal fresh pasta? Under one minute?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • June 2, 2015


Tasha June 3, 2015
I made them and they were hard. I used flour water mix to seal and only cooked them for a couple mins if that. So I've learned I did those few steps wrong. Hopefully next time I'll perfect them.
Garlic F. June 2, 2015
Ditto above answer. I just wanted to add that we mix in a grated hard cheese or drained ricotta snd egg w the cooled meat mixture. Also drain off excess fat so the excess moisture will not break the ravioli from the inside. We make our pasta on the thin side (you can see the greens of the parsley) and it only takes about 5-8 min to cook, depending on the thickness of the crimped edges
ChefJune June 2, 2015
You will want to cook your meat mixture and let it cool before filling your ravioli. Otherwise 1) it would take too long to cook and your dough would fall apart, and 2) you would have a pool of fat inside your dumpling. Not very appetizing...
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