can you turn a pasta salad mix box into macaroni and cheese

like just plain mac n cheese but with the flavor of like bacon ranch pasta salad with obsoletely NO MAYO im allergic to it and the smell of the bacony part makes me want it but i cant due to the mayo D': so can i make it into mac n cheese with No Mayo?



drbabs August 11, 2021
I found the boxed mix you were talking about, and the ingredients in it are just the pasta and the seasoning mixture. So, yes, I think you could take a recipe like this one for mac and cheese (no mayo), and stir the spice mix in as seasoning. I probably would not add much salt to the pasta or use a very salty cheese, because the spice mixture is most likely pretty salty. So make the recipe as written, and add the seasoning a little at a time till it tastes the way you want. Good luck!
Nancy August 11, 2021
I haven't used these particular mixes, but yes have adjusted others to personal taste or dietary concerns.
Once you clear that the pasta salad box has no ingredients you need to avoid, here's what i would do.
Make a sauce using the ingredients they give you and mix it with oil or butter (your preference) and pour over cooked pasta. Taste, Add vinegar or lemon juice if it needs some acid. Probably won't need more salt, as most prepared foods come with lots.
If, on the other hand, there are ingredients in this boxed mix you can't tolerate, there are (for example) eggless pastas out there, and you could make a ranch dressing from scratch with a few basic ingredients.
Either way, please tell us what you did and how it worked out!
Nancy August 13, 2021
If after making this, the milky taste of the dressing isn't creamy enough, add and mix in some grated cheese (your choice, one or more).
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