I'd like to make these, but can't eat wheat. What might I use as a replacement for the flour? Would cornstarch work?

  • Posted by: Lori
  • November 6, 2013
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Aunt Mariah's Lemon Sponge Cups
Recipe question for: Aunt Mariah's Lemon Sponge Cups

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SeaJambon November 8, 2013
Hi Lori - I haven't made this recipe, but do a lot of GF cooking. It sounds like the flour is really there to give it the "sponge" and think cornstarch would work but you'd have a different texture (probably more of a true pudding). I'd try the cornstarch and see what you think -- you may have a winner like that! But if you really want to duplicate the recipe as closely as possible, you'd probably be best off using a GF AP flour as the replacement.
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