Can I substitute peach puree for three three tablespoons of lemon juice?

I have made these so many times! Now, I know to plan that everyone will want seconds! Thank you!

Chef Lisa
Aunt Mariah's Lemon Sponge Cups
Recipe question for: Aunt Mariah's Lemon Sponge Cups


Emma L. July 21, 2019
Hey there! It seems like the eggs are doing a lot of the work here, so the recipe *might* work without the acidic lemon juice, but can't say for sure without trying it. Another idea: Add chopped peaches, tossed in a spoonful sugar, to the bottom of the ramekins, then top with the batter and bake.
Smaug July 21, 2019
It is a little difficult to decide exactly what's going to happen here without knowing exactly how things will separate- the eggs themselves aren't nearly enough to set the amount of liquid, but the flour will be absorbing part of it, so hard to tell- good place for some science experiments if one were in the mood.
Smaug July 20, 2019
You could try it, but the peach will have much less acidity and flavor- I think you would end up with not enough flavor, and you might have trouble with the custard not setting well; looks to me that it's depending on the lemon juice reacting with the milk.
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