why soak nuts

Why should nuts be soaked before eating, for how long, hot or cold water, which nuts need soaking?

  • Posted by: Rose
  • November 8, 2013


alygator November 8, 2013
Soaking nuts overnight in water makes them easier to digest. I have recipe where you soak whole almonds in water overnight. The next day you squeeze them out of their skins and then roast them with olive oil and fresh rosemary. You wouldn't believe how delicious they are!
MissChristina August 20, 2019
Hi there- after soaking almonds overnight, what is the temp and duration for roasting? Do you have to dry the nuts before roasting, or straight to roasting? With or without oil? I just recently read about soaking nuts but I’m still confused about the roasting process. Every article I’ve read recommends soaking overnight, then dehydrating for up to 24 hours in the oven! And then, do you roast after dehydration? I’m confused. But if that’s the process, that sounds kind of nuts (pardon the pun), cuz that means it would take up to 3 days to roast some nuts! Can you post your instructions on soaking and roasting nuts?

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erin November 8, 2013
I've had recipes that require soaking for an hour - to make it easier to break up the nuts for blending... For example a lot of cashew vegan recipes call for soaking. I think it makes it "creamier".
erin November 8, 2013
And I just use room temp water
darksideofthespoon November 8, 2013
Actually, I have a nifty recipe for Macadamia Nut Mayonnaise that involves soaking nuts. I've heard of also soaking nuts to make nut milk, but that's about it.
darksideofthespoon November 8, 2013
Never heard of soaking nuts either.
Monita November 8, 2013
I've never soaked nuts before eating. Is this part of a recipe? No reason to soak them for just eating
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