ISO cake ideas to go with an Italian meal. Here's my challenge: no dairy or nuts.

We're having a party at work. I have one person who has a nut allergy, and another who keeps Kosher and will be eating a meat meal. I also need to make it ahead; I can freeze it if need be, but need to transport it an hour away and have limited fridge space. Oy!



Windischgirl February 8, 2015
I asked my colleagues and they voted for the red wine chocolate cake (chocolate is a food group at my workplace). I used my dad's homemade red, which has a lot of berry notes, and tried Smitten Kitchen's recipe. A co-worker is bringing fruit salad, and I might spring for some whipped cream ...! Thanks for all your suggestions.
ChefJune February 6, 2015
Sponge cake in any of many permutations is lovely, Baba au Rhum, Poached Pears in either Port wine or poached in white wine with a chocolate sauce.
HalfPint February 6, 2015
I would make a dairy free sponge cake, fill it with jam and/or brushed with a liqueur or syrup, and topped with fruit (you can top it right before serving). There are lots of recipes online for the dairy free sponge cake.
Mary February 6, 2015
Poached pears in port wine. Elegant and simple

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keg72 February 5, 2015
I'm a big fan of this lemon angel food cake and often serve it with strawberries that I've marinated in sugar and balsamic vinegar (which makes a nice syrup). Other angel food cake recipes would be options, too.
Nancy February 5, 2015
Red wine chocolate cake. Sub coco it butter for an amt of dairy butter and it's fine. If everyone must omit dairy or out of courtesy you may omit topping (with cheese). Or serve it as optional garnish. Not fussy. Transports well.
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