Pie dough free of trans fat or cholesterol

Does anyone out there know of a good way to make pie dough without using anything containing trans fat or cholesterol?

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  • November 8, 2013


Joyce E. April 27, 2020
I’d try graham cracker crust with no trans fat butter. We have to change our eating habits with the current health guidelines.
java&foam November 13, 2013

The olive oil pie crust at Post Punk Kitchen (link below) has impressed many people are they might be a good source of future food ideas for you if the rest of your diet is low in animal products. I'm always happily surprised with what I find there.


Alternatively, if you have a pie crust recipe you already like and just want to make a substitution...I've heard good things about Spectrum's Organic Vegetable Shortening. It is made with Palm Oil...and apart from being rather high in saturated fat...it has no cholesterol and is trans fat free, as the process they used to make it doesn't require the palm oil to be hydrogenated.

Hope this helps, happy baking!

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ChefOno November 10, 2013

Crisco is definitely *not* trans-fat free. The FDA has still not banned this evil from our food supply and until they do, manufacturers like Crisco will continue to take advantage of the general public's ignorance. The label claims "Zero Trans Fats (per serving)" but the ingredient list reveals the truth via the telltale words "partially hydrogenated". Such products can contain 4% trans fat and remain legal. Legal, but not moral.

Cookease December 25, 2013
This has NOTHING to do with "morality"...technicality yes ... And once in a blue moon isn't the end of the earth... Remember, even arsenic is 'natural'..perspective is a good thing
see November 10, 2013
I made the dough today using canola oil. It is very crumbly, but seems to work as a dough.
Cookease November 10, 2013
I believe Crisco was reformulated to remove transfers several years ago By definition cholesterol is always from an animal source
SeaJambon November 8, 2013
Olive oil is zero trans and zero cholesterol. I've never made an olive oil pie crust but understand they can be quite tasty. There is a recipe on this site or you can google "olive oil pie crust" for more recipes.
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