Fat Free Greek Yogurt - need ideas

I have accidentally bought a 1 kg bucket of Fat Free Greek Yogurt, thinking it was the full fat version, and now I need to use it up in some recipes. (British) scones and (US) biscuits, and in pancake batter are possibilities. Any other ideas, please?

Heather Baker


run3unblockedaz November 14, 2023
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HalfPint April 2, 2021
Yogurt popsicles? Sweeten with a little honey and add dollops of jam (don't mix too much). If you don't have pop molds, use paper cups.

You can also use it in smoothies and bircher muesli.
MMH April 1, 2021
I use it the same way I would use sour cream - a dollop on a taco or burrito, or black bean soup, or on scrambled eggs with salsa, served with a quesadilla, etc
Nancy April 1, 2021
Building on MMH's idea, use it as a base for salad dressing or flavored dips.
Also, serve it with fresh fruit or (instead of milk) with breakfast cereal.
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