Looking for a chupe recipe for a thanksgiving day party . I would like to use assorted seafood.



Greenstuff November 12, 2013
There's also a shrimp and (unspecified) fish version in Barbara Karoff's South American Cooking. It's a nice book too, but at a much smaller scale than Gran Cocina Latina.
Mark,Sacchetti November 13, 2013
Thank you for the referrals.
Greenstuff November 12, 2013
I guess you've stumped us! Even the enormous tome, Gran Cocina Latina by Maricel E. Presilla, only seems to have one chupe recipe. That one just includes shrimp, but she does say that they can have fish and other shellfish, such as crayfish from mountain streams. Her book is worth getting if you're really excited about Latin American food. The chupe recipe looks pretty amazing.

ChefJune November 12, 2013
I'm sorry your question has gone unanswered so long, but personally I can't help. I've made many seafood stews, but I had to google "chupe" to see what it was.
Mark,Sacchetti November 12, 2013
It was requested by a friend. I've been researching recipes online. I've come to rely on running my recipe questions here.
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