Your favorite seafood recipe...

I have a huge seafood craving and would love to cook new dishes this Memorial Day. Please share your favorites.



ChefJune May 30, 2016
Don't know what you ended up making this weekend, but for the record, here are some major faves from the Feastivals kitchen...

mstv May 28, 2016
This mussel dish is a favorite. I don't find that it needs any salt added.
Greenstuff May 28, 2016
I don't see that there's been a "your best seafood" contest, but there was a "your best shellfish." Someone named QueenSashy won it. So let me ask you, what are you ending up making this weekend?
QueenSashy May 29, 2016
Oh Greenstuff you made me lough! Maybe I will. But two days ago I cooked Meen Moiley -- it is one fine fish stew...
Susan W. May 28, 2016
My new favorite is simple, but so good. First I brine a lovely salmon fillet (it was Copper River Salmon last time) in 1 TBS salt to every cup of water for 20 minutes to as long as overnight. Then marinate the salmon in lemon zest (save the juice for the salad), garlic and fresh herbs (I used thyme and dill). Soak a cedar plank in water and set it and the salmon over a medium heat grill. Mine was perfectly cooked to my taste, medium rare, in about 12 minutes. I'm going to try this with halibut and prawns soon. So simple, but the flavors were perfect. I served it with asparagus also cooked on the cedar plank and an arugula and watercress salad.
Stephanie G. May 28, 2016
I like any kind of seafood stew or seafood poached in olive oil.
702551 May 27, 2016
I like grilled shrimp. I do them on bamboo skewers, sometimes just by themselves, other times mixed with veggies (whatever I have: bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.).

My marinades and sauces are usually whimsical. Sometimes it's salt, pepper, olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice, other times I'll do something more elaborate. The last time, I brined the shrimp for an hour, they turned out really well.

Scallops can be substituted with the shrimp, although I find you really shouldn't combine the two on the same skewer as the scallops need more time to cook.

Last weekend I grilled locally caught sardines with a Japanese-style glaze. Usually I do the simple salt, pepper, olive oil but last weekend I felt like doing something different.

Fish tacos are always dependably tasty.

I love boiled Dungeness crab, but I view that as a winter item, not something for Memorial Day (although I'm sure I could find good crab right now).
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