Keeping cooked seafood

I just tossed some cooked squid and mussels leftover from last night's dinner in lemon, olive oil, parsley, minced red onion, salt and pepper to make a simple little seafood salad. Tomorrow we're having dinner company, and I'm thinking of including it in an assortment of cold antipasti. But, is that pushing it, time/safety-wise? Typically, I'd use seafood the day it's cooked, or at most by the next day - will it still be okay for tomorrow, or should we finish it off today? Thanks!



ChefJune June 18, 2014
I'd have a backup on hand just in case. If you have any doubts when you open that container tomorrow, DON'T serve it. Food poisoning from seafood is the WORST!
amysarah June 18, 2014
So true. Smart thought about a back up - I have good Italian tuna and cannellini beans on hand, so if the seafood becomes a WMD, I can mix up another quick fishy element (also planning the aforementioned caponata, a couple of cheeses, olives, might pick up some prosciutto, way or another, I should be covered!)
Nancy H. June 18, 2014
I think it's perfectly fine as long as the seafood is kept chilled in the refrigerator--in a covered container so the flavors don't contaminate other stuff in the fridge. How long? Your nose will tell you that, but I would tend to consume it within two or three days.
amysarah June 18, 2014
Thanks for the info. And yes, will absolutely do the smell test. I have some leftover caponata too - this antipasto has practically made itself!
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