Any favorite eggplant recipes other than variations on parmagiana?

Thanks for your input!

Coco espresso


Elizabeth R. November 15, 2013
I'll prepare eggplant in differently, depending on the kind of eggplant it is. For big Italian eggplant, I usually make moussaka or turn it into an eggplant dip. For Chinese eggplant, I steam it with Chinese shrimp paste and oyster sauce. Or I'll cook it with a spicy sauce, not unlike a mapo tofu.
sfmiller November 15, 2013
Music to cook eggplant by:
Kristen W. November 14, 2013
I just recently posted a question about eggplant ideas, and the answers included links to some lovely recipes. Just search the hotline for "more eggplant!!"
jonilynn November 14, 2013
The is delicious, but I reduced the oil by about half :
Saffron rice and roasted eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce. Unexpectedly delicious. It really does work. Sort of like a risotto bake.
Now I want to make this for dinner!
Brette W. November 13, 2013
I love eggplant in stews and curries -- and also just plain roasted! Here's my favorite eggplant curry recipe:
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