Can you freeze eggplant parmesan after baking?

Or does the eggplant get watery and dilute the dish?

Thanks in advance!

Melanie K.


beejay45 February 22, 2016
Reheating/rebaking in the oven helps to evaporate the liquid that may separate after thawing. It's been my experience that using the microwave exacerbates the problem...of course, you should let it set before serving so some of it may reabsorb. Failing that, you can just pour it off/dab it up with paper towels. :)
boulangere August 6, 2015
Yes. Eggplant parmesan is one of those things, like lasagna, that is best made in large doses. To freeze them, I like to refrigerate the leftovers overnight so that they set up well. Then I cut them into individual serving sizes and wrap each one in good quality plastic wrap, then freeze them. It makes it very easy to thaw and reheat only as much as you need.
Melanie K. August 7, 2015
Thank you! Refrigerating overnight is a great idea, I'm definitely going to do that.
Bevi August 7, 2015
Cynthia, I do the same thing with great success.
Courtney C. August 6, 2015
I found this post -, which gives a really thorough description of how best to freeze (and thaw after freezing) to avoid a diluted dish. Eggplant parm is a favorite of mine - so very jealous right now.
Melanie K. August 7, 2015
Thanks for the link! And no need to be jealous, I haven't made it yet. ;-)
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