Shrimp Sourcing and Poaching

Sourcing: I have always bought Gulf Shrimp (and have never wanted Asian shrimp. aside from their flavor, i hear very bad things about asian farmed fish practices.)Is Gulf Shrimp on anybody's No No list these days?

I have always used a court bouillon. Today i saw a Butter poached technique from Michael ruhlman.It seems a bit decadent though i'm thinking maybe it would be well balanced by a tomato mixture- for acid. Have you done butter poached shrimp and what did you serve it with and what did you think? Thx much!


LeBec Fin


pierino January 22, 2014
It's true that a tremendous amount of the shrimp sold in the US come from Asia. But the Gulf is not the only US fishery. I'm still a little wary about buying seafood---especially oysters and shrimp--- from the Gulf after the BP mess.
The West Coast has excellent shrimp. I'm especially fond of Santa Barbara spot prawns which sometimes I can find live.
pierino January 22, 2014
Here is what Seafood Watch has to say about shrimp
Take special note of the caveats about Lousiana and Gulf shrimp.

Meanwhile, poaching shrimp in butter sounds great to me.
Patti I. January 22, 2014
Gulf Shrimp are very safe to eat and are delicious! Gulf seafood is tested more than any of the imports and has continuously tested safe to eat. I do eat it regularly!
ChefJune January 22, 2014
Wild Gulf Shrimp are the only kind that are safe to eat.
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