Pastry Chefs please help! Just made the yummiest caramel apple pie. But after the third bit I noticed what I can only describe as

little pieces that were congealed, very soft, rubbery texture throughout my pie. I had peeled my apples, sauteed in butter, added a little flour and spices. The poured this mixture into my pie, then spooned a generous amount of my homemade caramel sauce over this (I repeated this twice). Then I baked the pie. (The pie did have dough on top.) After the pie was done I did notice that the caramel had evaporated. Could these weird pieces be whats left of my carmel? Or a strange reaction to caramel and flour? My caramel was made weeks ago with lots of milk, sugar, spices and a small amount of baking soda for thickening. I'm really bummed out :(

Julieta L.


ChefJune November 21, 2014
I'd say the little rubbery pieces were from the flour. I don't use flour for a thickener in pies for that reason. I use potato starch, OR as I was taught as a child, I line the bottom of the pie shell with plain dry white breadcrumbs. Both of those disappear when mixed with the apple (especially) juices and give a lovely viscous sauce.
Julieta L. November 21, 2014
Hi Chef June,
Thanks for your response. I made more dough and have more apples. Will try the same thing again sans flour. I will report back :)
Julieta L. November 26, 2014
I tried it again sans the flour and it turned out the same. My only other thought is the temp. I'm baking it at.
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