I recently made a new cookie recipe that called for caramel on the inside of the cookie. The caramel once the cookies were baked was as hard as a roc

The caramel on the inside was as hard as a rock. Is there a specific type of caramel that remains soft and chewy when you bake it? I don't want to have to warn people when they eat my cookies to watch out for the hard caramel.
Jody Walker

Jody Walker


Jody W. December 11, 2013
A great idea! Thank you so much. Do you then put the dulce de leche in the refrigerator to firm up for an hour or two? Thank you!
Madison M. December 11, 2013
For cookies, I have found that this trick always works better than any of the purchased caramels out there:
Dollop small drops of purchased dulce de leche on a parchment-lined baking sheet until firm (about an hour to two hours.) Then, use the dulce drops in place of the caramels in your recipe. The dulce de leche stays much softer and tastier than caramel!
magpiebaker December 11, 2013
Are you making your own caramel, or buying caramel candies? You may be able to find the square, individually wrapped Kraft caramels, which I hear work nicely for stuffing in cookies.
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