can i add caramel sauce to the center of a bundt cake before baking

I am in the middle of making an apple cake, Bundt-style. My cousin makes this fantasic, to-die-for caramel sauce and i want to add it to the center of the bundt cake, along with the apples. Will this work?

Brenda Altman-Tarr


Trena H. October 9, 2016
If you're worried that it might not work I'd suggest using it as a decorative sauce over the top of the cake after it's baked and cooled down to room temperature. It sounds delicious!
Brenda A. October 9, 2016
Thank you Trena. I've decided to make a warm glaze from the caramel sauce and pour it over my cake.
Nancy October 9, 2016
Brenda - I've only done the "filling in the middle" in other cakes, but it seems it should work.
See, for example, this guideline:
But/and, I'm a little worried at the use of both apples AND filling, (may make the cake too moist, the whole thing may not hold together) so I would go light on the quantities of each, to give the flavors you want but still hold together.
I hope it comes out well, and please tell us your results...
Nancy October 9, 2016
Or a variation - if you've already mixed the apples in, or want to use a lot, bake them in the cake but save the caramel and use that as in icing or a garnish when you serve...
Brenda A. October 9, 2016
Thank you for your insightful response(s). I have some apple sprinkle from Pampered Chef - will put that in the center.

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