freezing kale

can you freeze chopped kale

  • Posted by: emcsull
  • November 17, 2013


Greenstuff November 17, 2013
Yes, blanching breaks down enzymes that would degrade the kale's color, texture, and flavor. Not that your frozen kale will have the same color, texture, or flavor as your fresh. But it'll be better than it could be. Since you've chopped already, you can skipp SKK's food processor step.
SKK November 17, 2013
I freeze kale all the time. Simply cut the stalk out of the middle, blanche for 3 minutes in boiling water, starting time when you put it in. Put in ice cold bath. Then dry it. Then put it in your food processor. Simple, stays green and delicious.
emcsull November 17, 2013
so you need to blanche it ? It is already off the stem and chopped fairly fine.
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