Can I freeze kale?



fry I. January 15, 2011
Yes - Blanch, squeeze and freeze. I do it every year.
Fantastic M. January 13, 2011
Go with the spinach entry for kale...sorry for the multiple posts:
WoooPigSooie January 13, 2011
Thanks Lexmccall! I bought some for the minestrone recipe winner (so tasty!) but didn't use the whole bag. I hate to waste it. Plus I know I want to try out the quinoa and kale recipe soon....
Fantastic M. January 13, 2011
This link to the National Center for Home Food Preservation (yes, that exists) will tell you how they recommend freezing just about anything edible...
Fantastic M. January 13, 2011
(Weird when two people post the same answer at the same time). :-)
Fantastic M. January 13, 2011
Yes, but as with many vegetables, you should probably blanch it for a few seconds in boiling water and shock in an ice bath to preserve the green color and halt the enzyme action that will cause it to wilt.
Lexmccall January 13, 2011
absolutely, though I think it works best if you blanch it first. (boil briefly in salted water, then dunk into cold water & drain, and chop into pieces)
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