How do you blanch vegetables?



bigpan November 19, 2013
Over blanched veg are not the delight you are looking for. Different vegetables and different sizes will take different times. And the size of the pot and amount of veg you toss in will dictate the time required. A delicate French green bean might only need 30 seconds.
My method is to simply take a piece out after 30 seconds and taste it for crispness. Repeat until you have the right texture. And a big huge bowl of ice and water to give a fast chill (this is an important part of the process).
stella November 18, 2013
Put your vegetables into a pot of boiling, salted water but make sure to put the vegetables in the pot in small sections so that your water keeps boiling. Take your vegetables out when they are done for you but it takes anywhere from 1-4 minutes and then you dump them all into an ice bath.
Sam1148 November 18, 2013
Usually it means a quick boil and cool down. Maybe a 1 min boil then removed and cooled down so the vegetables are just slightly cooked and very crisp.
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