Can you use turkey instead of ham in chicken cordon bleu?

I dont eat pork but I would really like to make this dish... would it still work out?

Leah Steinberg


sel E. November 22, 2013
It will work out. It might not give it the exact same flavour profile but it will still be tasty as I've already tried versions using smoked turkey before with fantastic results. Trying it with beef "bacon" is also an alternative.
littleman November 21, 2013
Smoked turkey sounds wonderful.

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sdebrango November 21, 2013
You can make it with turkey or turkey pastrami as Bevi and Pegeen suggested, I think that there is nothing wrong with using either or just using an herbed cheese, what about a turkey bacon?
Pegeen November 21, 2013
You can make anything work, assuming you're not in a Classics contest of some sort. Never give up - but do test ahead if you can, when departing from the classic ways.
pierino November 21, 2013
I absolutely support and respect the orthodox preferences of religious friends. But there are some things that just can not be fixed with substitutes. To make it stranger, among my friends the ones who relish pork possibly even more than I do are Jewish. I still haven't figured that part out. But chicken cordon bleu is a tradition of it's own and reinventing it with turkey is unlikely to give you good results.
Bevi November 20, 2013
Try a smoked turkey to add flavor.
Pegeen November 20, 2013
p.s. Turkey is also much more bland than ham, so you'll probably find that you need to add some herbs at some point in the recipe. Again, it would be helpful to see the recipe. I love Chicken Cordon Bleu... bon appetit!
Pegeen November 20, 2013
Yes, but... turkey is leaner so you won't get the basting/fat properties of the ham. It would help to see your recipe, but consider using more cheese and definitely roasting for less time. This is one of those substitutions where it might be a very good idea to try the recipe in advance of your actual dinner.
Ann G. November 20, 2013
I use turkey pastrami - but I'm a kosher consumer, so we think it's fine, it will depend on the taste experience of your guests.
Bevi November 21, 2013
It sounds like your substitution adds a nice, smokey flavor that using ham would give to the dish. I make a "Cordon Bleu" Kiev that I will try with turkey pastrami the next time I make the recipe.
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