To brine or not to brine?

Trying a Nicholas Free Turkey from Fossil Farms. Should I brine? Which method? It would be my first.

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dymnyno November 24, 2013
I did the NYTimes brine last year and my turkey(which was a heritage turkey) came out great...moist and delicious.Definitely would recommend.
lloreen November 24, 2013
Dry brine. All you do is rub it with salt and spices. It makes the skin crisp and keeps the moisture in.
ATG117 November 23, 2013
There seems to be a lot of consensus about the benefits of a dry brine. (seriouseats ,among others, have a bunch of articles on the topic.) Not overcooking is naturally also essential.
Big G. November 23, 2013
just don't over cook...moisture leaves the meat above 160 degrees. That is the key
Big G. November 23, 2013
I am not brining just making a green salt with fresh herbs and salting it at least 24 hours in advance...
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