There is conflicting information on the web about whether you should rinse off a dry brined turkey before roasting or not. Your thoughts?

this is the first year I'm dry-brining a turkey. Should I rinse it off before roasting or not. I'm worried about it being too salty.



Kristen M. November 23, 2011
If you use the measurements in Russ Parsons' recipe, there's no need to rinse. But if you do prefer to rinse, I would only do it before the last stage where the skin dries uncovered in the fridge, and pat it dry well (this air-drying stage helps the skin crisp).
tinabeans November 23, 2011
I would definitely rinse, if only for this reason: all that surface salt will end up dissolving into the drippings, so that if you make gravy, it will be unbearably salty. (found this out the hard way one year)
Amanda H. November 22, 2011
There is no harm in rinsing it off because if any of the salt gets rinsed off, it means it hasn't been absorbed into the turkey. So I'd say go ahead and rinse.
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