How long can fruit pies last unrefrigerated?

Like everyone this week,Im juggling time & space. I have no available freezer space, and limited fridge space. If I wanted to get a jump on baking the apple, the pumpkin, and the fall fruit pie how long can I expect them to last?

  • Posted by: ukimmeru
  • November 24, 2013


Pegeen November 24, 2013
Buy a few bags of ice, stick them in a cooler, a utility sink, tub or your bathtub, and create some extra fridge space. You need a lot of ice.
Stephanie B. November 24, 2013
For fruit pies, they can last for a day or two outside of the refrigerator, but of course they will last longer in the fridge. For any pie with milk or eggs (such as pumpkin pie), it should definitely be refrigerated.
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