Hi! I'm making an apple and pumpkin pie for Christmas Day but wanted to do it ahead of time. How far ahead can pies be baked/how should they be stored? Could I make today and then put one/both in the fridge (or the cold garage?)



Ophelia December 23, 2010
They can both be made a day ahead, but the crust won't be as crispy as if you had made them the day of. I would wait for them to cool completely (several hours), wrap in plastic or foil and put in the fridge.
I've had pumpkin pie up to three days after making, but I just ate the filling. Apple pies get pretty soggy and kind of rely on having a nice crust for texture and contrast to the apple.
chrissyb December 23, 2010
You can freeze the apple, but not really the pumpkin because the pumpkin separates from the crust. They last for several days if you have them in a constant cold temperature (the fridge).
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