Pumpkin pie underdone

Just made pumpkin pie ahead to freeze then thaw and serve for Thanksgiving. I took it out when the custard temped at 175F like the recipe said. I made an extra one and when it cooled I cut a couple slices to test only to find that the custard was not quite set and the crust is underdone. Is it possible to reheat on Thanksgiving to finish the coking or is it too late once the custard has cooled?

Thao Hau
  • Posted by: Thao Hau
  • November 24, 2013


ZombieCupcake November 25, 2013
You could break up the pie into champagne flutes and top off with whipped cream a dash of cinnamon and a gingersnap. Now it looks like you did it on purpose. :)
Thao H. November 25, 2013
Thanks for the help. I did end up throwing it back in the oven last night. The custard did come out looking much better, but I'm not confident about the crust. Oh well. Better luck next time. Pies have never been my strength, but I will keep trying! Thanks again.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 24, 2013
I would re-bake it tonight and then freeze it. (I would be concerned that freezing and thawing might mess with the texture of the underdone custard.)
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