Help! My pumpkin pie has no flavour!!!

Just took one of pies out if the oven and was greeted with a great crust but no flavour. Is there anything I can do now to save it?
I have dinner tonight and no more canned pumpkin

  • Posted by: naj
  • December 25, 2013


Food4Thought November 25, 2022
That happened to me when family members bought one from a restaurant. I like the whipped cream ideas but what about drizzled caramel across the pie?
Victoria R. December 25, 2013
How about serving with some nicely spiced whipped cream? Add some brandy, a touch of sugar and some spices. It'll add the spice that it sounds like your pies are lacking. Sorry they didn't turn out as expected.
Monita December 25, 2013
Just before serving, whip some cream flavored with an extract or cinnamon and top your pie to add some flavor. Or melt some chocolate and drizzle it across the of the pie
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