where do i get a cheap and good set of scales???



pierino December 5, 2010
Hopefully you're not referring to the scales of justice. Poldor makes good flat digital scales that will tare accurately and store flat.
Food O. December 5, 2010
I've had my $25 IKEA digital scale for eight years and it's still going strong!
innoabrd December 5, 2010
a basic digital should be cheap and very useful. I like one that can do both metric and ounces.
bella S. December 4, 2010
Bed, Bath & Beyond is a favorite with their plentiful coupons. See if it makes more sense to use the 20% off, or the $5.00 off. Amazon is always an option. Depending upon where you live, you don't pay tax, and if you buy over $25 worth, shipping and handling are free. Happy, Merry!
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