Pie not setting up after being in fridge and topping with Italian meringue

I have been making pies to sale and my coconut pie’s have not been setting up right. I have been adding 1/4 cup cornstarch just like the recipe calls for. Then they go in the fridge over night to set and then I add the meringue. After getting to room temperature after a while they get runny. Are they sweating from being in the fridge to long under the meringue? Help!

Emily Wilson
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1 Comment

Lori T. November 26, 2022
It could be caused by the molecules of cornstarch contracting as they cool, squeezing out the liquid again. Not knowing the recipe it's hard to be more helpful than this. If your recipe also incorporates egg yolks as well as the cornstarch that could be part of the trouble. Egg yolks contain an enzyme that breaks down starches. The enzyme is eliminated by cooking the mixture to a temp of at least 212F , almost boiling. Of course by then it's also thickening because of the starch, and you probably think it is thickened enough to stop. And you are stopping short of the magic temp which kills that enzyme. Try using a thermometer if you can, or bringing your mixture to a complete boil for 1-2 minutes, and then pouring it into the crust to set.
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