Turkey gravy

I want to have turkey gravy for my Thanksgiving meal, but I cheated and ordered my turkey already cooked, so I won't have any drippings for gravy. I made turkey stock for my stuffing/dressing though. Will that be good enough for gravy? Do I need to do anything special?

Meghann Cantey


Meghann C. November 25, 2013
Thank you!
AntoniaJames November 25, 2013
Yes, it will be just fine! The turkey flavor will come through, even without the drippings. Use this method: http://food52.com/blog/9058-how-to-make-gravy-without-a-recipe For an even better flavor, toast the flour separately in a dry pan until light brown before adding to the roux. I add a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, too, as well as a good glug of cognac, and a touch of white wine. ;o)
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