Ideas for cooking a whole turkey that are not traditional roasted turkey dinner please

Last thanksgiving I bought a spare turkey. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Now in August I need this bird out of my freezer but I'm not feeling like a thanksgiving meal. What can I do with a whole turkey that is different than roasted with dressing and gravy?

  • Posted by: NYNCtg
  • August 25, 2020


Billie September 6, 2020
For at least 20 years my family mostly wants me to cook a turkey dinner so we can have James Beards Turkey Hash when it's all over. It is absolutely the best turkey leftovers ever!! Happy to supply the recipe if you need it!
MMH August 25, 2020
Spatchcock it and grill it and serve it with summer side dishes!
NYNCtg August 25, 2020
That was my first idea, but I've been out of propane forever. I need to get a move on getting more.
MMH August 25, 2020
We do it on a charcoal grill. It’s excellent. It’s worth it. Do it. You’ll love it.
Jo September 6, 2020
Use Cynch to restock propane they come to your home & it’s the same price as everywhere else. Check their website for availability. Re turkey roast it for sandwiches turkey salad.
Nancy August 25, 2020
Thai turkey salad with rice or other carb
Pistachio stuffing with roast Turkey and persian sides
Turkey chile
Turkey pot pie(s) large or individual
Nancy August 25, 2020
I can supply recipes for:
• Thai salad from British newspaper
• Pistachio stuffing from American northwest writer and cook, originally for veal or lamb but works well with other meats too
Many recipes out there for turkey chile and chicken pot pie (just replace one poultry with another)
Last idea - use them in fajitas or tacos
NYNCtg August 25, 2020
Is the pistachio stuffing like a bread stuffing with pistachios? it sounds interesting.
Nancy August 25, 2020
Not a bread stuffing. Pistachio pesto as the starting sauce, then some vegetables (mushroom, fennel, omions) and seasonings, cream, bacon to finish.
Nancy August 25, 2020
How to use the pistachio stuffing on a whole roast turkey...slather under the skin, like some do with butter or oil-based sauce.
Nancy August 26, 2020
Last comment - if putting under skin is too hard, slather it on outside, and tent with foil part of the roast time to prevent burning.
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