I'm making fresh salsa can I freeze it for winter enjoyment. I didn't want to can it due to time.

  • Posted by: Chris
  • August 29, 2017


Rachel August 29, 2017
i freeze tomatoes then pull them out and defrost to make salsa in my food processor when i want it. cilantro, i have found, doesn't fare very well in the freezer.
Stephanie G. August 29, 2017
I freeze fresh salsa all the time. We always have some in our freezer. When I thaw it, I do drain off some water, however, even thawed homemade salsa is much better than anything you can buy in the grocery store.

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MMH August 29, 2017
The vegetables in fresh salsa - tomatoes, peppers and onions, contain lots of wAter. Freezing will cause all of those cells to burst and turn to mush. The flavor may be there but the texture will be much different. You will have much better luck with a cooked salsa recipe and then, freeze or can.
Chris August 29, 2017
Ok thanks!! So how long do I cook it?
MMH August 29, 2017
You should look for a recipe which contains flavors and a spice level which appeals to you. We have mixed and matched recipes over the years which appeal to us but no recipe ever turns out the same twice. Good luck. It's fun.
MMH August 29, 2017
When you say "fresh salsa", do you mean uncooked salsa?
Chris August 29, 2017
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