I am afraid my pumpkin pie filling is too thin-I plan on baking it tomorrow night. It's the consistency of eggnog-will that be ok?

I used the Smitten Kitchen recipe - http://smittenkitchen.com... and based off of her photos -mine is way more runny. Should I even bother with baking it, or should I scrap that filling and go with the recipe on the back of the can of pumpkin puree?



Flygurltia September 5, 2022
Did your pie turn out , did you tweet it or try the way it was, did it happen first overnight?
boulangere November 26, 2013
Pumpkin pie filling is fairly runny. If you're nervous, add an extra egg.
Joy B. November 26, 2013
I say give it a go! You might try baking it for a little longer than she says, and making sure to leave it out in room temperature (rather than the fridge) while it cools, since it continues to cook itself even out of the oven. It looks like a few people have already commented on how runny the filling is, with still a successful result. Good luck!
Monita November 26, 2013
Pumpkin pie filling can be pretty loose. Photos can also be deceiving.Don't throw it away. The key is that when you are filling your pie crust, you don't want it to go so high that as it bakes it runs over the sides. So the worst that could happen is that you don't use all your batter
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