What's the difference among rum, sherry, and brandy?

I'm still in high school (quite underage), so I don't know much about liquor.
A few recipes that I'm planning to make this Thanksgiving asks for alcohol (such as the "Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Sherry" and the "Pear, Brandy, and Walnut Cranberry Sauce"), but I only have aged Zaya Rum in my house. I was wondering whether these recipes would taste fine with rum substituted (or white wine?), or if it'd be better to simply omit the alcohol.

Rachel C.


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dymnyno November 26, 2013
Sherry is definitely much different tasting than rum. If you buy a bottle of sherry, you will waste the rest of the bottle because it doesn't keep. If you buy a bottle of rum, it will keep forever. And, actually if you used a little rum in the butternut soup it will probably be delicious..especially if you use a dark rum with the flavor of molasses and dark brown sugar.
nutcakes November 26, 2013
I would just find another butternut squash soup, there are so many variations. Sherry has a more delicate flavor than rum. I do think the rum would work well in the cranberry sauce, it goes well with fruits.
Catherine,Lamb November 26, 2013
Sherry and brandy are both fermented wines, made from grapes, whereas rum is a totally different spirit made from sugar cane. The taste between rum and the other two is quite different, so I would recommend omitting it. Just make sure to taste and adjust seasonings before serving!
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