vinegar substitution?

I am making a honey dijon potato salad and halfway through see that it calls for sherry vinegar which of course I don't have. I have red wine, white balsamic, regular balsamic, pear infused, strawberry and champagne, but no sherry. How can a person have so many vinegars but not the right one? What can I use instead?



wssmom June 22, 2011
I sometimes sub in half real sherry and half wine vinegar.
Droplet June 22, 2011
Red wine vinegar is the strongest of the ones you listed, but since there is honey in the recipe as well, that would counterbalance it some.
SKK June 21, 2011
Balsamic vinegar is a good substitute for sherry vinegar and it is a little bit sweet. You might want to add a little salt to counterbalance the sweetness.
Jules555 June 21, 2011
Thanks for the quick replies! I think I'll go with red wine and white balsamic a bit at a time and see what it tastes like.
beyondcelery June 21, 2011
I'd probably sub the red wine vinegar, using a little less than what the recipe calls for and adding to taste. Of course, strawberry vinegar sounds like it was made for salads, so that might be worth trying in it!
Emily H. June 21, 2011
I think sherry has a sweetness akin to balsamic. If you don't want the salad to look muddy, I would use white balsamic, or half wb and red wine vinegar. It depends on how much of a 'bite' you want the salad to have.

When it comes to salads, it's often about what the cook likes most.
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