Does anyone know where one could purchase a skin-on, blanched, 16 to 20 lb suckling pig? I can find 30 to 35 pounders all day long but I don't consider them suckling pigs anymore.



usuba D. December 6, 2010
Dealaman in NJ is the largest supplier of suckling pigs to the Chinese market in NYC. They are in Warren NJ. 908-755-1780. They will have any size pig you need. D'Artagnan most likely gets their's from these guys.
aargersi December 6, 2010
Hey Tom we are going to need to know what you do with that piggy! Photos and recipes please!
nutcakes December 6, 2010
You can contact the Meat Lab at Cal Poly Pomona, but you have to pick up. You didn't say where you are located.
betteirene December 6, 2010
How far away do you live from Knox, IN? Try here

I used to buy sausage from them at farmer's markets when I lived in Chicago. They're good people. If they can't do it (it might be out of season), they wouldn't hesitate to recommend someone who can.

I don't remember the technicalities, but there's something about piglets being vaccinated at three or four weeks old and not being able to sell them until six weeks later: At 10 weeks old, they're in the 30-lb. range, so that's probably why you're having a hard time finding the little guys.
hardlikearmour December 5, 2010
They have 10-17 or 18-24 lb sizes.
thirschfeld December 5, 2010
Funny I was looking at wild boar on their site this morning and looked for suckling pick but didn't see it. I will go back and look again thanks all
mrslarkin December 5, 2010
yes, they have it!
stinkycheese December 5, 2010
You could try ordering from d'artagnan....?
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