Can I freeze creme patissere?

I have about a cup and a half left over.



Declan December 2, 2013
Yes. Freezes and thaws really well in fact, you can buy frozen product. But, why do you want to freeze it?
creamtea December 2, 2013
Well, after latkes Wednesday night, turkey, pie, stuffing, etc., etc., Thursday, Boston Cream Pie Saturday night (for which the custard was the filling --daughter's birthday cake) the next, more latkes tonight, I'm....stuffed. But then again, maybe I'll use it to stuff Chanukah sufganiyot tomorrow. Will it ruin my diet??
plainhomecook December 2, 2013
I really don't know, I've never tried. I know it'll keep for about a week in the fridge. And if the choice is toss it or freeze it, please freeze it and let us know how it works!
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