How to revive damaged enamel on Le Creuset Dutch oven. I used Oxyclean to remove buned-on apples. Now the bottom is like fine sandpaper.

Marlene O


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Marlene O. December 3, 2013
I just spoke with a company representative. I'm going to return the French oven to Le Creuset and they are going determine if it was faulty enamel or if I will need to pay a replacement fee--which is a fraction of the original price. Thanks for reminding me that when there's a problem I should go to the source.
Marlene O. December 3, 2013
No, I haven't, but I'm going to do that right now. Thanks! Or, as I've said more than once: why didn't I think of that!
HalfPint December 3, 2013
You figure the $$$$ that they charge for these pots and pans, they could at least help with enamels that have 'gone bad'.
HalfPint December 3, 2013
Have you tried contacting the company for help? Maybe they can re-apply the enamel or suggest other options?
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