What kind of pan for 15 inch beef roast?

I have several 15 inch long beef chuck roasts. These are too long for my Le Creuset 6 3/4 oval Dutch oven. What type of pan should I buy? The 9 1/2 qt seems like it will be too small. I always sear the meat and then bake in the oven. Any different method I should consider? Any pan suggestions? Thank you for your time :)



ChefJune December 22, 2015
I have a very large Chantal covered roasting pan I use for such items. Not sure if it is still available from the company. You could try googling it. Or you could use a large rectangular low roasting pan (stainless steel, likely) and use heavy duty aluminum foil (shiny side in) for the cover.
inpatskitchen December 21, 2015
Granite Ware makes a 19" oval roaster that might serve your needs. Very reasonably priced and will give you years of service:
cowgirlculture December 22, 2015
Thank you for the replies. I usually use the granite ware suggested roaster that inpatskitchen nicely recommended to cook these size roasts that I have to deal with. However it doesn't preform as well as my Le Creuset Dutch oven with smaller roasts. So I went ahead and ordered the 15 1/2 qt "goose pot" by Le Creuset. I was just trying to think out of the box before I committed to the sticker price of that goose pot. Thank you as always for helping :)
Nancy December 21, 2015
I would consult the Flintstones. But if cell reception is bad, maybe we could work it out ourselves.
But seriously, Le Creuset or similar quality pans are an investment. Do you expect to be making this cut of meat often enough and long enough to make the cost, space in your cupboards, etc worthwhile?
If yes, a quick search at Amazon shows roasting pans (steel, granite ware, etc) that size and larger, some with racks, some with lids.
If this is a one-time occasion or you're not sure, consider roasting it in one of those disposable foil pans available at grocery or hardware stores, with the pan always resting on a sheet pan (for safety in moving the hot dish).
Either the store bought or the disposable pans can be fitted with an aluminium foil tent if you want to conserve liquids, control roasting time, prevent the top from drying out.
As for the searing the meat, do you have a large griddle that could help?
Last, is this from a butcher and could you/do you want to have the long roasts cut in half?
Hope this all helps.
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