I am not an egg fan. Do you have any good recipes/ideas for tofu scrambles/omlettes/frittatas? I love brunch as much as anyone else. However, Sunday menus are filled with eggy dishes. I can only eat so much a la carte toast and pork. HELP!! :)




susan G. December 6, 2010
You can make Tofu Shakshouka -- a North African/Israeli dish usually made by poaching eggs in a spicy, peppery tomato sauce. Check Nava Atlas's VegKitchen website.
aargersi December 6, 2010
I LOVE tofu scramble! Nannydeb taught me how - drain and crumble your tofu, and toss it with some turmeric and nutritional yeast, maybe some cumin. Saute onions and garlic, and if you'd like some peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos - you get the idea. Add in the tofu and cook the whole scramble together until it is nice and hot. You can eat it as is or make it into breakfast tacos ... yum!
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