can i sub anise seed for the fennel seed in Sagegreen's latkes?? I know it's here in the dark recesses of my spice cabinet, but Lord know's where I put it. Or should I just skip the spice altogether and move on? My grated roots are waiting...



thirschfeld December 6, 2010
Maybe 1/2 tsp.
thirschfeld December 6, 2010
Or any other licorice flavored alcohol, fo sho.
mrslarkin December 6, 2010
for serious thirschfeld?? Because you know I happen to have a bottle of Pernod. And rum.
thirschfeld December 6, 2010
I am pretty sure celery seed would be great in them and it looks like you already answered that question. I would have gone for some pernod.
mrslarkin December 6, 2010
They taste really great!
prettyPeas December 6, 2010
Now you made me want celery seed latkes.
mrslarkin December 6, 2010
okay, I went with celery seed, which has a much subtler flavor than the very licorice-y anise seed. Smells fantastic so far. Will let you know!
Nora December 6, 2010
I hope and trust Sagegreen will weigh in. I can feel for anise seed, and also cardamom. Post results, please.
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